The Caribbean Association of National Training Authorities (CANTA) Quality Assurance Criteria and Guidelines for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification consist of nine sections.
The purpose of this policy is to articulate the CTVET’s risk management philosophy. The CTVET recognizes that risk management is a systemic and formalised process to identify, assess, manage and monitor risks and therefore permits a comprehensive holistic approach to the management of risk.

The National TVET Strategy: 2013 – 2020 denotes a paradigm shift for Workforce Development in Guyana. Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is being positioned to create an avenue for a comprehensive system of skills development for employment and enhanced productivity and economic growth for Guyana.

The Council for TVET wishes to acknowledge that the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Policy and Guidelines were adopted from the Caribbean Association of National Training Authorities (CANTA).