The Minister of Education, Dr. the Hon. Nicolette Henry was paid a courtesy call today by the newly appointed United States of America’s Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch at the Minister’s office. Ambassador Lynch said that the purpose of her visit was to have an understanding of what are some of the priority areas for Guyana in the area of education in order to ascertain how the US Government can assist particularly as Guyana prepares for its oil and gas sector.

She said that one of the areas that assistance can be given by the US Government is building capacity by sourcing technical expertise in areas such as procurement and contracting among others as the country prepares for the oil and gas sector. According to the Ambassador, while the oil and gas sector is extremely important, there will be many sectors that will open as a result. Further, she noted that as a former Peace Corps volunteer, she was interested in knowing how the programme can be improved to better serve the needs of Guyana, particularly in education. Minister Henry explained that the Peace Corps programme has been very helpful in the education sector especially in the hinterland communities. However, the Education Minister noted that there are other areas in which support can be given. She said that the Ministry would appreciate assistance in the area of psychosocial support in the school system. This was noted as an important area by Ambassador Lynch. Further, Minister Henry said that capacity building in relation to training is another area which support would be grateful. Minister Henry remarked that the Ministry is also interested in scholarship programmes for Guyanese to be given the opportunity to go overseas for additional training. Other priority areas highlighted by the Education Minister in which the US Government can offer assistance are sports diplomacy, culture, the arts, agriculture, ICT and tourism. Minister Henry noted that the Government of Guyana has serious development issues to address and will be doing so with an inclusionary approach. Both Ambassador Lynch and Minister Henry committed to continuing the relationship that exists between the US Government and its Embassy here in Guyana and to strengthen partnerships where necessary. Following the engagement, Minister Henry shared with Ambassador Lynch the Ministry of Education’s Newsletter ‘Education Nation’ and a copy of the ‘Guyana at 50’ book which celebrates the country’s history and accomplishments.