The development of the Essequibo Technical Institute is a direct result and demand of society for skilled manpower, persons of high standing, and people who are able to contribute to innovations, assume responsibilities and be members of the supervisory force in business and industry.

The Linden Technical Institute will always open its doors to impart to students, both youths and adults, technical and vocational education and training programmes to make them competent and to satisfy the needs of industries and nation as a whole.

History of Carnegie School of Home Economics
Carnegie School of Home Economics was founded in 1933 on a grant donated by the Carnegie Trustees and an additional grant from the UK. Its original goal was to relieve unemployment among women. It was known formerly as the Carnegie Trade School.

Mission Statement
To provide basic and professional training for individuals that will develop their competency to meet labour market needs in the local, regional and globally competitive environment.

Mission Statement
The Upper Corentyne Industrial Training Centre seeks to provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training for youths and adults to enable them to contribute to the economic development of the nation.

Mission Statement
The Government Technical Institute as the leading technical institute is committed to offer quality training to our clients with the availability of high quality facilities, qualified and caring staff at a prime location.