The objectives of the National System of Assessment and Certification are to:

  • promote the maintenance of best practice in Assessment in training institutions / Registered Training Organisations;
  • implement and maintain quality and standards in the National System of Assessment and Certification;
  • provide and implement PLAR for uncertified workers; and
  • verify, approve and award Caribbean Vocational Qualification/National Vocational Qualification certification for learners in Technical Institutes /Registered Training Organisations.

What is CVQ?

CVQ - Caribbean Vocational Qualification is a CARICOM approved award that represents achievement of a set of competencies. These competencies define core work practices of an occupational area, consistent with levels articulated within the Regional Qualifications Framework.

What is NVQ?

NVQ- National Vocational Qualification is a Guyana approved award.

To earn an award, candidates must demonstrate competencies in reaching CARICOM approved Regional Occupational Standards, or CTVET approved National Occupational Standards.

How can I obtain a CVQ/NVQ?

You can obtain a CVQ at a training provider such as a technical institution and by pursuing an approved programme.

A worker on the job with knowledge and skills can obtain a CVQ through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Who is eligible to pursue NVQ/ CVQ?

  • Post-Secondary students/trainees who are 16 years and over;
  • Persons with Disabilities ;
  • Women and girls;
  • Secondary school graduates;
  • Employees;
  • Persons seeking new skills;
  • Self employed individuals; and
  • Displaced workers seeking new skills to re-enter the work force.
  • Students who have shown competence in occupational programmes.

Benefits of a NVQ/CVQ

  • Recognition and portable qualification in CARICOM;
  • Work experience and/ competencies/ skills can count towards the CVQ;
  • Transfer of credits from one institution to another;
  • Enhance performance in the workplace.

How will I be assessed for the CVQ?

A CVQ/NVQ is awarded when the candidate has demonstrated competence in work-based activities.

A candidate will be assessed when he/she has completed a self-assessment and is ready to perform the task as stated in the performance criteria of the relevant occupational standards.

  • Benefits of PLAR
  • Formal certification;
  • Better job opportunities;
  • Reclassification/ promotion;
  • limination of duplication of learning;
  • Assessment and certification of persons on the job; and
  • Validation of learning gained through work and life experience.

Assessment will include a combination of some or all of the following:

  • Observation of your performance

In naturally occurring tasks against the Regional Occupational Standards in the
workplace or in simulated tasks at an approved training provider such as a school, workplace or technical institute.

Examination of test pieces candidates have produced.

  • Oral questioning

To ensure that you can apply underpinning knowledge and relevant theory to practical work activities.

  • Written testing

To assess underpinning knowledge for higher level CVQs/NVQs

  • Appraisal of a portfolio

To assess evidence of work that you have collected and organized.

Who will I meet during the course of my assessment?

You will meet

  • Assessors

Assessors assess you against the Regional Occupational Standards and determine your competence using various methods of assessment. These Assessors are trained and certified by the CTVET. They ensure quality of assessment among trainees.

  • Internal Verifiers

Internal Verifiers will ensure that assessments are credible and reliable. They are trained and certified by the CTVET. They will ensure quality assessments are conducted.

  • External Verifiers

External Verifiers appointed by the CTVET visit Technical Institutes/ Registered Training Centers offering CVQs. This ensures the credibility and reliability of assessments and maintenance of the Regional Occupational Standards. Such persons come from industry and maintain quality across all institutions.

  • PLAR Advisors

If you are a mature candidate and you wish to obtain the CVQ through the workplace competence certification route, you may consult with the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Advisor (through the CTVET or the PLAR Centres). This will enable you to obtain guidance in creating your portfolios of workplace evidence, while preparing for interviews and planning assessments to demonstrate your competence.

The PLAR Advisor will work with the Assessor to facilitate your assessments.


The Assessment and Certification Board of CTVET has authorized the issuance of 467 National Vocational Qualifications in 2015, 521 in 2016 and 396 Caribbean Vocational Certifications in 2017 to graduates of Technical Institutes and Registered Training organisations which have implemented the Quality Assurance Criteria and Guidelines for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification(November 2015).